RMP Profile

Established in 1982, Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (Prabodhini means academy) is an academy established in memory of late Rambhau Mhalgi, an illustrious Member of Parliament from Maharashtra in late 70s. It is a unique institution based in Mumbai, INDIA. For the last three decades or so, Prabodhini has been functioning as a training and research academy for voluntary social workers and elected representatives of the people. Its principal mandate is empowering the grass root level development activists so as to enhance the quality of Democracy and Voluntary Social Work. Besides, with regular Capacity Building programs offered to the elected representatives of people at various levels, Prabodhini also attempts to give quality orientation to Electoral Representation, thereby helping the Democratic process to deliver goods. Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini enjoys a status of a Consultative NGO with the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) of the United Nations Training, Public Awakening and Opinion Making as also Research form the three principal components of Prabodhini's agenda.

At Prabodhini, training programs are often tailor-made and need based. There are programs conceived by the Training Dept of Prabodhini on its own, based on their overall assessment of the capacity building needs of the voluntary sector. At the same time, there are certain training programs that are demanded by a particular organization and Prabodhini conducts it for them. Along with its well-established offshoots such as Sahakar Vardhini (Centre for training in cooperation), and Centre for Institution Building and Leadership Studies (CIBLS), Prabodhini conducts an average of 35 programs every year. From Legislature Members to Gram Panchayat Members and University Senate Members to Directors of Co operative banks, Prabodhini has catered to a wide-ranging variety of sectors and earned laurels.

Between 1995-99, Prabodhini was awarded the assignment of conducting training programs for newly elected Gram Panchayat members in 17 districts of Maharashtra. Prabodhini also contributed in preparing the syllabus for this training across the state. During this period, at least an average of two to three lakhs -- at least one third of them being women -- Gram Panchayat members from each of the districts participated in these training programs conducted by 12 associate Voluntary Organizations with Prabodhini acting as the nodal agency.

Prabodhini has also catered to the Leadership Training needs of rural women, youth and institutional heads. For Prabodhini, Leadership Science just cannot remain confined to the cozy world of corporate business houses. We see Leadership as a faculty, which needs to be developed across the social groups, communities and organizations.

Prabodhini believes that several contemporary issues of national concern need to be taken to the people and a healthy debate is generated to make the public form an opinion. To this end we have been regularly conducting seminars, symposia and study-circles. Our activities provide a forum for dispassionate analysis of emerging issues and a thorough exchange of views of ideas.

Prabodhini firmly believes that no amount of activism can really lead to long lasting impact if an individual's faculty of research is not developed along side. In Prabodhini, research is conducted mainly through Study Missions or On-the-spot Study Committees. Conventionally, we ensure that such committees have a proper blending of expertise and activism. Normally, such committees comprise experts in the fields and voluntary social workers associated with the cause. Over the years, Prabodhini's Research Department has conducted research on more than 23 issues in this way. The findings of the research are often published and people are thus helped to decide for themselves as to what is right and what is wrong. From Watershed Management to the State of War widows, there are a host of issues that have been dealt successfully by the Prabodhini.

With a view to promoting the faculty of research amongst young activists and journalists and with the help of friendly foundations, Prabodhini also offers Fellowships of varying durations to aspiring researchers.

Registered as a Public Charitable Trust and Society, Prabodhini has developed a training complex at Uttan, Bhayander near Mumbai. They have a Library, Reference Centre and an Internet Centre and several Voluntary Organizations regularly take advantage of this modern training facility. With a panel of over 70 Resource Persons to take care of our training needs, Prabodhini is manned by over 45 individuals who command authority in their respective fields. They have offices in Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune.

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